Hide your Samsung One Connect with the Connected Media Box

Datacomm Electronics 45-8011-1P Connected Media Box with Duplex Receptacle - White

We understand your obstacles! You’ve purchased your new Samsung Frame TV which includes the Samsung One Connect Box. It’s now mounted on your wall, you sit back, cut on your favorite show and try to enjoy your remodeled home theater but you are too distracted by the dangling cords. Now you are wondering if there is a way to clean those chaotic cords and hide the Samsung One Connect Box.

How to Hide a Samsung One Connect Box?

Introducing DataComm Electronics’s Connected Media Box!

The Connected Media Box allows you to mount large power sources behind your TV. With the additional ability to add power outlets to this box you can give your TV the wireless look you want! No more cords, wires, and devices ruining your sleek entertainment area.  

Features & Benefits
  • Flush with the wall: Great solution for static and rotating TV mounted set ups.
  • Open Trim Ring: Open ventilation to prevent power source from overheating.
  • Power Receptacle Included: Add more power to your set up! We’ve included (1) duplex receptacle that you can plug in power directly behind your TV.
  • Includes Mounting Brackets and Hook & Loop ties: Specialty brackets that can be adjusted to fit height/width of any large component you want to hide, while strapping the large device in with the hook and loop ties.
  • Multiple Knockouts: For further customization, the Connected Media Box includes several knockouts to connect and add all power to one central location.



Q: How do I Hide the Samsung One Connect Box?

A: Using the Connected Media Box by Data Comm Electronics. The Connected Media Box is a clean cable solution that will help you tuck away your Samsung One Connect (or other large power source) out of sight.

Q: Will hiding the Samsung One Connect behind my TV interfere with the remote signal?

A: No! While your One Connect is tucked away behind your TV, the remote can still reach the sensors.

Q: How to install the Connected Media Box?

A: The Connected Media Box is installed in the drywall allowing you to save space around your TV area, while hiding exposed cords and devices. Instructions are included in your product and are available on www.datacommelectronics.com.

Q: Is the Connected Media Box only designed for the One Connect Box?

A: No, the Connected Media box is designed to house small to large power components.