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Expandable Media Box
Expandable Media Box
Expandable Media Box
Expandable Media Box
Expandable Media Box


Expandable Media Box

The Expandable Media Box with Duplex Receptacle/Duplex Surge Suppressor is designed to streamline power and cable management behind your HDTV. The expandable portion of the Media Box allows for maximum storage hidden behind your TV, while still allowing your TV mount to be flush to the wall. This box is available in surge and 20 commercial grade models.

  • Wall box storage capacity increases by 75% when the expandable portion is extended behind the wall
  • There are two openings inside of the Expandable Media Box, one on the top and one on the bottom. Three (3) interchangeable plates are included to cover these openings, allowing for multiple configuration options. The three (3) plates include:
    • › Flexible Opening Plate
    • › 6-Port Keystone Plate
    • › Blank Plate
  • UL Listed, 15 Amp/125 Volt Duplex Receptacle
  • Outlet box included
  • Metal mounting wings are attached to the media plate and fasten tightly against the back of the drywall when installed
  • Available in three (3) models
  • Quick and easy to install
Part Number
w/ 15 Amp/125 Volt Duplex Receptacle, ETL US Only
w/ 15 Amp/125 Volt Surge Suppressor, ETL US Only
w/ 20 Amp/125 Volt Duplex Receptacle, Steel Outlet Box, ETL US & CAN