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What does the new Remote Device Mount actually do?

What does the new Remote Device Mount actually do?

DataComm has been in business since 1998, pioneering smart, innovative solutions for the structured wiring and low voltage industries, and we recognise that each customer’s needs are unique, requiring distinct and unique solutions. Keeping this in mind, we’ve spent the last 23 years creating and engineering our products to satisfy the needs of the individuals who use them.

Remote Device Mount or RDM

We are thrilled about our new product, which we have produced and introduced to the world. The original concept for this product was to address a significant source of frustration for installers when wiring for these types of gadgets. So, typically, installing a sensor in a wall is a tedious process that involves a high risk of losing the sensor wire within the wall cavity and damaging it at some point during the process, and we can guarantee that every integrator reading this article is familiar with the time spent fishing for wires.

The RDM, a winner in this year’s CE Pro BEST Products Awards that were recently announced at CEDIA Expo 2021, aims to reduce installers’ pain points around installing sensors.

Clean Installation

The RDM solution from DataComm is installed by anchoring to 2x4s and connecting to a polycarbonate sensor plate with a red template pullout for fishing wire for various types and brands of sensors. Drywallers may cut around the plate, drywall it, mud it, and sand it when they reach the red template in the middle.

The installers return at this point and pull out this sensor using needle-nose pliers; the sensor wires will be hooked to this, and whichever sensor they’re putting may then go in and sit flush with the wall.

Installers may utilise the 1-inch diameter hole to put temperature sensors, glass-break sensors, and motion detectors, according to their needs.

“You’ll never lose your sensor wire, nor will you ever damage the wall trying to retrieve it,”

Compatible Sensor Insert Types

Insert A – Leviton 23A00-2, Hai 23A00-1 

Insert B – Lutron LR-TEMP-FLSH, Savant SST-TEMP1-00, AMX ENV-VST-TSF 

Insert C – LG ZRTBS01, Savant CLI-THFM1-00, Peco 71487 

Insert D – Aprilaire 8083, Elan 8083, Honeywell FG-1625RFM, Interlogix ShatterPro II, Bosch DS1101i 

Insert E – Aprilaire 8051, Elan 8051, Tekmar 84/86, Vantage FlushSensor 

(No Insert Needed – Crestron CHV-RTS/RTHS)

With five different inserts, the Remote Device Mount will fit most brands of all sensor types: security, temperature and HVAC sensors to name a few.

DataComm Electronics is a company recognised for facilitating high-quality multimedia connections, has expanded its product line with a full line of keystone-style wall plates and inserts. The Keystone series from DataComm provides the customization possibilities that home theatre and other multimedia installations want from the media professionals they trust. DataComm Electronics’ robust custom connectors keep data flowing smoothly.