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About DataComm Electronics

Our Mission

To design and manufacture products that people want to buy.

One of our most groundbreaking designs yet, is our plastic media enclosures that are designed to nest inside themselves, allowing us to ship up to 40% more product on a single container from our factories. This same concept is passed on to the customer, allowing us to fit up to 40% more material per pallet, significantly reducing unload times and resources on the job site, and increasing on site storage space which can be limited, but it doesn’t stop there. With our nested design, you cut back on material handling and on site waste to help with your bottom line.

Our Green Initiative

Other manufacturers make media panels that stack.  Ours not only stack, but they nest together, similar to how cups stack together.  This allows us to fit up to 40% more material in the same size box as the competition.  It enables us to ship more material on the same size truck.  Requires less time and man hours on the job site to unload and frees up space on the job site for other materials.  Makes it easier to carry more panels to different locations on the job site and cuts down on overall job site waste which cuts down on waste removal cost.  If saving time and money is important to you and your company, then DataComm is the way to go.  Don’t pay more for less.

Our Team

Greg Mychalczuk

Retail Brand Manager

Taylor Davis

Inventory Manager

Jennifer Reeves

Operations Manager

Tian Luan

Product Development Manager

Daniela Lopez

Marketing Coordinator

Sean Worrall

Purchasing and Logistics Agent

Danny Mills

Director of Sales

Bay Witcher

Outside Sales