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Residential Homes

Whether you are a new home builder, contractor, or new home owner, designing your dream home, DataComm Electronics products provide a foundation of reliability, innovation, and adaptability. They are the silent heroes that work behind the scenes, ensuring seamless connectivity and elevated living experiences for everyone involved. The construction landscape is ever evolving, and collaboration is key. DataComm Electronics understands the diverse needs of builders, homeowners, and contractors, offering products that transcend roles, creating a connected and efficient construction ecosystem. Discover the difference DataComm Electronics can make in our construction journey – where everyone wears a hat, but the benefits are universal.

Commercial Applications

In the dynamic realm of commercial construction, the demands on designers, architects, and contractors are ever-evolving. DataComm Electronics steps up to the challenge, offering a suite of solutions that redefine the landscape for media rooms, offices, server systems, and digital signage, creating spaces that seamlessly blend technology and design. Envision spaces that are not only visually striking but also functionally exceptional. DataComm Electronics products become their trusted allies in achieving this delicate balance. 

From discrete cable management solutions for media rooms and offices, to elegant, space-saving designs for server systems, these products fuse form and function seamlessly. Designers and architects can elevate aesthetics without compromising on the practical aspects crucial for commercial spaces. – Architects can rely on these products to enhance the technological backbone of their designs and contractors can count on user and cost friendly products to help streamline installation and maintenance processes, ensuring client satisfaction and project success.

Home Theater

Embark on a journey into the future of home entertainment with DataComm Electronics, where innovation meets elegance. As premier designers and manufacturers, we redefine the home theater experience with cutting- edge solutions crafted for seamless integration and unrivaled performance. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast of a professional installer, our range of products is crafted to meet your specific needs. From small setups to elaborate home theaters, we have the right solution to enhance your audio-video experience. In the realm of cable management, we are pioneers.

Our pass-through plates are not just functional: they are a testament to our design expertise. Seamlessly blending into your decor, these plates not only conceal wires but also elevate the aesthetic of your home theater. Our Connected Media Box is perfect for any small to large size TV install, and designed to house multiple power sources, such as the One Connect for the Samsung Frame TV. Experience tailored solutions and discover the art of cable concealment with DataComm Electronics.

Multiple Dwelling Units

In the realm of Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) projects – apartments, condos, student housing and senior living – DataComm Electronics emerges as a game-changer, redefining the landscape with products that not only excel in design and performance but also make installations more affordable and efficient than ever before. A unique design crafted to save time, space, waste, and most importantly cost. Our products are not just competitively priced; they outshine the competition in terms of quality and performance.

By designing and manufacturing with cost-effectiveness in mind, we ensure that MDU projects can access top-notch technology without breaking the budget. With our unique nesting design on the media enclosures and our contractor packaging, you can receive up to 40% more material per pallet than the competition, which means less time to unload on the job site, less space to store the material, less material handling, and less site visits for waste collection. Our unique design principles pave the way for a new era where cutting-edge technology is accessible, installations are swift, and the bottom line is optimized.

Retro Fits

Discover a world of possibilities with DataComm Electronics, your go-to source for a diverse array of products designed for seamless retrofitting and DIY installations. From innovative wiring solutions to cutting-edge connectivity devices, we empower you to effortlessly upgrade and enhance your space. Whether you are a homeowner looking to safely and easily relocate a power supply for your TV installation or just wanting to hide cables behind the wall, our products are engineered for ease, ensuring a hassle-free process as you enhance your home entertainment setup. Say goodbye to visible cables and hello to a sleek, modern aesthetic that compliments your space effortlessly. Elevate your TV experience with DataComm Electronics – where innovation meets practicality.