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The Unsung Hero Behind the Scenes: How the Expandable Media Box Streamlines Professional AV Creations

Behind even the most polished home theater or commercial display lies a web of wires, connectors and equipment powering the experience. Installation professionals tasked with wrangling this technical infrastructure know the struggle of balancing aesthetics, function and efficiency. DataComm Electronics feels your pain, and their innovative Expandable Media Box represents deliverance from countless hours battling clutter and chaos. This ingenious in-wall enclosure recessed power kit centralizes devices, conceals cables and adapts to handle virtually any application installers throw at it.

87% of professional AV installers rank cable management as one of the most challenging aspects of their work.

With a streamlined low-profile housing available in white finishes built to seamlessly blend into any décor, the Expandable Media Box 45-0051-WH is the unsung hero behind the scenes facilitating flawless installations. This recessed power kit system makes it possible to mount screens flush against walls by relocating bulk AV components behind the scenes.

The DataComm Expandable Media Box

Hours Saved, Clients Delighted

Expandable design accommodates future gear upgrades. Interchangeable insert plates allow customized configurations for the tidiest cable routing and device mounting. For installers, this means saving hours of struggle while delighting customers with high-performance, polished AV installations that stand the test of time.

Orderly Organization Behind the Display

Facilitating Complex Setups

This expandable media box provides ample interior capacity for today’s larger AV hardware. In wall box storage increases by 75% when the expandable portion is extended. Compare this extra capacity to traditional panel extensions that require intrusive external surface mounting boxes. DataComm’s innovative Expandable Media Box delivers that hidden storage while enabling TV mounts to hug the wall directly.

For fastest installation, choose between the 6 port keystone insert, that customizes to any connector combination, including HDMI, Data, and Coax (TV).  These ports are recommended for DataComm inserts only, but not limited to.  A flexible insert allows for multiple cables run directly into the box to connect directly to streaming devices and the TV and a blank insert for future wiring additions.

Stealthy Solutions With Sleek Aesthetics

Sleek Form Meets Perfect Function

Achieving superior AV functionality should never compromise sophisticated design aesthetics. This recessed media box’s low-profile dimensions hug the wall surface while its scratch-resistant ABS Plastic blends discreetly into the surrounding decor. For once, installers can deliver striking form and flawless function in one streamlined package.

Open expandability future-proofs installations so upgrades happen seamlessly. Whether accommodating tomorrow’s ultra-high resolution formats, bandwidth-hungry streaming devices or smart home automation hubs, this recessed media box adapts painlessly. There’s no need to rip out existing infrastructure or compromise on new gear. Both client budgets and installer schedules preserve resources by building lasting foundations ready for next-gen AV demands.

Mix-and-Match Customization Simplifies Any Scenario

Scalable Solutions

DataComm Electronics recognizes that every installation scenario presents unique considerations. Instead of proposing a rigid one-size-fits-all solution, our innovative Expandable Media Box empowers professionals with mix-and-match modularity. Populate ports with adapters for any connector, add expanded capacity behind walls, scale seamlessly from simple to intricate applications. Save hours of design work researching custom enclosures and fabricating ad hoc solutions. This unified media box  handles nearly any wire management or capacity expansion request right out of the box.

Rave Reviews From Real AV Experts

According to professional integrators and technology reviewers, DataComm Electronics nails the brief once again with this signature problem-solving media box. 

Those working behind the scenes building home theaters, conference rooms and entertainment venues are equally enamored with the installation efficiencies unlocked by this Expandable Media Box. It earns top ratings for its polished aesthetics coupled with chopped labor through pre-engineered modularity.

Streamlined for Elite AV Mastery

For once, technology designed expressly for the trade delivers on its promises. DataComm Electronics continues pioneering better installation methods that save professionals hours of struggle to unlock new creative possibilities. Discover what elite AV mastery feels like with the Expandable Media Box as your trusty sidekick. Ditch frustration and delight in flawless media sanctuaries that excel on every level thanks to solutions like this.

Call today to explore answers for your next immersive project installation and take client satisfaction to new heights.